Are wooden toys better?

Every parent wants what is best for their child, but what is best? The Ipad? When you remove it from your child's hands, they throw a massive tantrum and misbehave to no end?

Plastic toys? With all the bells and whistles that leave nothing to the imagination? And when the battery runs out, you need to find the tiniest of screwdrivers to replace them? No doubt, this task ends up in the too hard basket for most time poor parents. 

Why are wooden toys beneficial for your child?

Wooden toys are not noisy!

Wooden toys don't have annoying noise coming from them, (sometimes without even being touched). Quiet toys are less distracting to children, as well as the parents! 

Wooden toys help develop fine motor skills

As children play with wooden toys, they often are building their fine motor skills. Different shapes and sizes can present minor challenges for children to learn from and in turn, help develop these necessary skills.

Babies and toddlers can develop on basic grasping skills while preschoolers and older kids can use wooden toys to focus on the finer, more delicate motor skills.

Wooden toys are safer!

Wooden toys are designed to be safe. Most wooden toys won’t break easily and children won’t be exposed to sharp edges or small pieces that have broken off of the toy. Generally, wooden toys are non-toxic and made from natural materials, which means they are safe for babies who constantly put everything in their mouth! 

Wooden toys promote problem solving skills

Many wooden toys such as blocks, can help children over come problems as they endeavor to build things, the different wooden shapes can provide challenges the child can learn to solve. 

Wooden toys encourage social interaction

Children often use their imaginations and practice real-life scenarios, and this can lead to social interaction with other children. Noisy toys can often encourage children to play on their own instead of involving other children.

Wooden toys are great for imaginative play

Wooden toys give children the opportunity to act out scenarios and engage in pretend play. Wooden toys that model real life objects are great for imaginative play as kids long to act out real life scenarios or fantasy situations.


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