Benefits of Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are rapidly replacing the use of training wheels and its no wonder why. Balance bikes have many benefits for young children when learning the basic skills needed to ride a bike.

Balance bikes have no pedals and two wheels and are specifically aimed at helping children with balance and coordination. Children as young as 18 months old can gain the confidence and strength to balance on balance bikes. Children will automatically raise their legs and glide as they balance.

Children can transition straight from the balance bike to a regular bike from around the age of 3 with regular use of a balance bike.

Benefits of Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are safer

Balance bikes are a safer way for kids to learn to ride. As the child rides, they are controlling the speed at which they are riding and thus are less likely to injure themselves. The height of the bike is also much lower than regular bikes, so if they do fall, again they will not hurt themselves significantly.

No need for training wheels

Training wheels focus more on pedaling rather than the necessary skill of balancing. Training wheels can be frustrating for parents when the wheels are painfully unscrewed when they feel their child is ready for the 'big bike' only to have to screw them back on again. Children cannot be prepared for balancing with training wheels.

Great exercise

Kids will get hours of exercise on the balance bike. All the running, lifting their legs and using their arms to steer and coordinate increases strength as well as balance.

Convenient to transport

Regular bikes are bulky and difficult to take to the park or to grandmas house. Balance bikes are compact and easily transported from location to location.

Build confidence

Children will learn independence and confidence as they ride and glide on a balance bike. As they learn these important skills, they will find it much easier to learn to ride a big bike when the time comes. 


Wooden Trybike 4 in 1

We are so happy to introduce this new Wooden Trybike 4 in 1. It is Dutch Design at its best. I would consider it as one of the best Trikes to Balance Bikes around.  Suitable for ages 1 - 5 years, it is a great investment to have to help kids develop their balance and riding skills. It can be adjusted to multiple heights and 4 different modes they are: a Low trike mode for starters, Low Balance Bike, High Trike and High Balance Bike. This Bike will grow with your kid.

Trybike chose the best materials and components to build these bikes; steel spoke wheels with pneumatic tyres (for a cushioned ride and better grip), high quality sealed cartridge ball bearings, strong steel shaft axles and a durable weatherproof marine birch plywood frame. Easy to assemble and to convert with two allen keys and one screwdriver.



Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2in1

One of the cutest bikes we have is the Kinderfeets Tiny Tot 2 in 1 Trike to balance bike. You can start the little one as young as 12 months and help develop gross motor skills. They'll love the freedom and mobility on it and once they start developing more confidence and start becoming really good at pushing the trike you can easily convert it to a balance bike. If they become really good with the balance bike, you can progress them straight to a pedal bike.

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